i. Allows you to setup a virtual clinic to make “paid” consultations on your mobile

ii. Allows you to take instant consultations

i. Provide access to specific patients for emergency services without sharing your private number.

i. Create multiple patient support groups for specific medical conditions e.g. cancer breast female patients.

ii. Threads of discussions are saved for future reference

iii. Have full control over the groups; no sharing of media only texting allowed.

i. Allows you to recommend extended care (guidance) programs that include educational content as well as actions required by your patient for modification of lifestyle (health risk factors).

ii. Follow-up your chronic patients achievement on programs and keep following-up.

i. Allows you to cross-reference trusted, fellow doctors within your network and delegate tasks to colleagues when you are not available.

i. Provides you with a digital channel for boosting your profile and growing your patients network.

Who would benefit using it?

If you need closer follow-up of your chronic patients

Providing structured and monitored patient pre-operative preparation as well as peri-operative

When in need for remote patient access

When you are travelling or physically inaccessible to your patients

For every doctor who wants to grow his practice.

Doctors who want to maintain the boundaries of their privacy

When seeking to augment the medical service for a superior patient-doctor relationship and experience.


Take a look at our latest screenshots from the application, it will give you a quick overview on how easy it is to use and monetize the app

How Does it work?



Register and verify yourself.
Put in your professional background education- experience – sub specialties.
Add your photo.
Add your Medical Registration No.(photo).





Share with your patients and ask them to communicate through the app.

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